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I Invite You to Come On a
Remarkable Journey With Me!

It is time to raise the vibration of our planet to one of respect and honor for the sacred nature of ourselves and of all living beings. It is time to return to love.

Our shared experiences are the calls for healing. The cries heard across the universe for help.

You have answered the calls.

Much of what you are experiencing is not your pain or your trauma to resolve. It is not your personal past lives you have to clear or lessons you have to learn. You are a powerful sacred being holding the energy of our collective Consciousness.

It is time to heal. It is time for all of us to consciously choose to release the pain and trauma of the collective Consciousness. It is time to return to love.

Sacred Stories network is a Divine creation to bring together the Lightworkers and Wayshowers incarnated today in service to healing our collective Consciousness. Together we have great power. Together we can heal this world.

The sharing of our hearts and wisdom through our stories and our work is a powerful beginning.

I invite you to work with us at Sacred Stories. In our collaborative and co-promotional model that spans multiple platforms we can all support each other increasing our reach exponentially as we share our important work with the world.


Come on this remarkable journey with me!

Together let’s shine our Divine Light bright.

Together let’s return to love.

Contact me to learn how.


Rev. Patricia

Our Sacred Stories Network

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The professionals at Sacred Stories Publishing provide our authors with a multi-faceted support system that facilitates a book’s production, distribution, and marketing.

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LIVE online summit to create spiritual community

Co-Create A Higher Planetary Vibration

Join us on Sacred Stories Telesummit, a LIVE online summit with the leading spiritual teachers and thought leaders of today.

We offer support, information, healing, and spiritual experiences to conscious individuals and spiritual seekers as we expand our individual and Collective Consciousness.  LIVE Q+A with our speakers.



A versatile podcast platform to expand your Consciousness

A Journey Into Our Shared Consciousness

Subscribe to our Sacred Stories Radio podcast feed and listen as our authors and spiritual teachers share their work with Rev. Patricia and the world!

Enjoy our variety of shows hosted by passionate experts in their fields as they share their wisdom across a variety of spiritual and life expanding topics.


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Sacred Stories is a sacred space where the beautiful Divine voices of today are shared. Together we will go on a powerful journey – a sacred journey – into our shared consciousness.  Rev. Patricia Brooks with the help and courage of her incredible hosts and guests – will explore and experience the many facets of our human experience.


Musings Of My Heart

Once a Warrior, always a Warrior

Your invitation to reclaim your Sacred Strength

Would you like to connect to your truth?
Heal the wounds of the ego?
Raise the vibration of our Consciousness?
Remember who you are and why you are here?
Step fully into the sacred power of YOU?

Our connection is real and it is Divine!
Together let’s reclaim the sacred truth of you!


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  • Beautiful young woman on sunset background with blue tissue.